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Ode To Garfield #8

on January 13, 2017

Garfield is my comfort,

Especially when I’m contorted!

Come rain or shine, twisted in pain,

I’d roar like a lioness without my mane!

Garfield gets stinky poo when over hugged,

Like a child, I’d clutch Garfield tight and snug!

Into the washer Garfield goes,

Whilst I chow on clam chowder by Mo’s!

Wrapped in a bath towel zipped in a laundry bag my Garfield goes,

Toss and tumble, round and round Garfield goes,

I’m all worries and woes!

Only to heave a sigh of relief,

When I see Garfield in belief.

Downy fresh….fresh from the fragrant fields🤗!


One response to “Ode To Garfield #8

  1. Glad to hear Garfield has survived another wash…I wouldn’t dare put Gino ( Alex’s baboon) in the washer! Already had to do some facial reconstruction on him…

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