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Rumblings Of Boredom

on January 14, 2017

Loads to grumble really…weather has been muggy, hot and humid at 35.2C!

Given this heat😣, we are still expected at work to trudge the veggie plots on a saturday morning!

Like a ninja, I wrapped self in a large brimmed straw hat, donned on my shades 😎 and took 2,300 steps in the sweltering heat to listen to Naked Tummy and Giant talk their heads off on defects with contractor.

Giant shook the installed lamp posts so hard that it shuddered. They were testing for “stability” – 🤔hmm I was silently told by minions that they bought the cheapest lamp posts from China…Donald Trump would have a field day singing..”I told you so”

Contractor was berated for shoddy workmanship. 

Naked Tummy is all IQ and void of EQ. She thinks she is very smart. I am a newbie. Best thing to do was to shut up. I did not need to take any Stupidity Test!

Naked Tummy has tresses up to her waist and she appeared for the meeting as if she stepped out of the shower.

If it was to impress the men, expressing her teeny tiny waistline, I am unsure as she put on an all American slang to men from China.

She is not an American. She is as Singaporean as me ha ha! China Man tried hard to understand her but got wondrously lost 😊

I guess she was trying hard to impress a male from a foreign land amongst us😉

She wanted us to take photos of “defects”…she claims there were “hundreds” of defects…

I wondered if Moses parted the Red Sea in today’s times, I would be taking selfies or wefies as this was epic.

But for Naked Tummy’s request, the contractors did not find her amusingly attractive and or brilliant.

They wanted to make life hard for her and I would not need to wonder why…with contractors, a softer malleable approach for win-win is alot more effective really!

But I ain’t teaching Naked Tummy as she is Dragon Lady’s consort. 

I have learnt to smile and shut up!😃

The lesser said, the sooner I can go home as am putting in Saturday without compensation or time off!

Back to my latest Korean soap….Master’s Sun…great watch too of a girl who  can communicate with and see ghosts!


One response to “Rumblings Of Boredom

  1. Yes, just keep your head down, avoid office politics and grab your pay cheque! However, I am hoping that this is miles better than having to work for EL…

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