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Ornate Bird Cages For Sale By Bird Man

on January 15, 2017

Luxury bird residences, equivalent to the likes of our top notch residential districts was what came to my mind when Bird Man showed me these photos!

Talk about Baroque or Botecelli art and this is akin to a style that squeals opulent oranate decor of wood or porous material to avian hobbyists.

From simplicity….single colored or delicate ming blue drinking feeders that add contrast to the dark deep redwood cage to escalating complexity in designs.

I prefer the ming blue feeder bowls. Ha ha maybe because I find it artsy!

These ornately carved cages show opulence by bird hobbyists…

Lion faced clasp and lock. Regal or to me, ferocious to scare off any bird thief thinking of getting rich quick!

Natural anti theft device πŸ˜‰

I was amazed at the details. Theme of ample harvest is symbolically represented in the carved carriers and gourds to reinforce abundance.

In our chinese culture, grains…bountiful harvest signify wealth as one never goes hungry.

And in different materials…

Mother of Pearl inlay contrasted with material looking like bone and jade bauble at tip.

These cages would indeed make both owner and its avian friend elegantly displayed.

I was told these cages are from the 70s and are somewhat antiquated and unique. 

Price ranges from SGD15,000 to SGD20,000 for the carved ornate cages.

This indeed takes bird hobbyists to a whole new level! 


All photos published are courtesy of Bird Man 


8 responses to “Ornate Bird Cages For Sale By Bird Man

  1. How lovely πŸ™‚ really ornate! Too pretty to get for my son’s…he’d just mess everywhere..!!

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