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8th Day At Work

on January 17, 2017

I am pleased to share that *touch wood* the moron has yet to arrive at my new work place.

I am not complaining and would like to ensure that no morons exist on my work planet.

Dragon Lady shashayed into the office at 2.45pm and kept me till 8.45pm.

Long winded and lots to chat, I felt it was a waste of precious time.

Plus I was reminded to work on a lot of weekends. Sigh!

So much for work life balance these days. 

Aah well….facts of life…this means my posts would be erratic and I do apologise but I sincerely hope that normalcy returns or as they say…regular programming returns soon 😊

Meanwhile laugh we must!!

Gotta admit this netizen is so talented to create this!!


3 responses to “8th Day At Work

  1. Lol…at least working for DL has to be a little better than EL…just keep looking and I’ll keep my fingers crossed :)x

  2. HN says:

    no morons yet, that is good 😀

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