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How To Get Police Attention!

on January 17, 2017


4 responses to “How To Get Police Attention!

  1. calmkate says:

    I absolutely love it! A friends mother, well in her 90’s, had a young man climb through her bedroom window one night just after she had gone to bed. Fortunately she wears a personal alarm as she lives by herself, is frail and has a bad ticker. She was smart enough to press the alarm which sounded all over the house to alert her neighbours. Guy got a shock and fled. Police said they’d be there soon so poor old dear waited up for hours and they came mid-morning the next day! Charmers!

    Those spiders might seem funny but I can promise you that their names and crimes are accurate!

    • Garfield Hug says:

      Oh my…thank goodness the 90 year old is feisty enough and her mental faculties intact to scare the intruder!! As for spideys….aaargh!! 😥Thanks for sharing on spiders. I will now have eyes everywhere when am visiting the land down under😉

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