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Mad Hatter Saturday Day

on January 21, 2017

My dream of a laid back lie in Saturday went out the window when I woke up at 6.30am.

The above quote is a “good” to strive for but I cannot help but relate this to radio deejay Glen Ong’s “strive for the green but end up in the hole” (*golf)πŸ˜„

Logic this early in the morning for me is as quirky but crystal clear as mud as Mr Bean’s.

I am one of those who wake up to wait for the alarm to ring! Go figure?!πŸ€”

The chores went through my head for today…my glorious Saturday!

1. Need to see phlembotomist for bloodwork.

2. Clean the apartment as new part time helper is unreliable, plus wash the car. My poor bones will hurt for sure but if I do not pace self starting today, doing it all on Sunday will literally kill me and Dragon Lady might not like it when I’m out of commission.

3. Ironing…I see the small mountain in a pile. My feet refuses to raise my body just yet.

4. Need to see dentist as gums are due for peridontal treatment as they doth protest.

5. Garfield Hug’s larder is almost bare and grocery shopping must be done.

5 big ticket items and by 2.20pm, I have only done bloodwork, dental treatment, grocery shopping and partial housekeeping…floor and kitchen only.

Aargh where did my time go?

I did not have time for breakfast and lunch and finally at 2.30pm, I could chow down to nasi lemak (*rice cooked in coconut milk, accompanied by fried anchovies (*sprinkling), chilli paste or we call sambal and a fried small 3 inch size ikan kunning (*tiny fish with a yellow line near tail to body) and 2 sticks of otah (*fish meat cooked with spices).

Nasi Lemak is wrapped in banana leaves.

Onward ho I must with my to do list.

Dinner may exist or may not exist as I may be too tired to life a finger.

Sesame bagels toasted with butter may work.

Happy Saturday folks 😊


3 responses to “Mad Hatter Saturday Day

  1. I love the first pic! Great words πŸ™‚ but I also sympathise with Mr.Bean…I have to go to the dentist too next week for my gums…do you know, since I stopped smoking, they’ve never been so bad! Not fair…I’d help with your ironing though and your dinner sounds lovely! πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you really need to CREATE some time for YOU in your life!

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