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Finding Serenity

on January 22, 2017

Dragon Lady is planning a team retreat for 12 of us.

My task is to find a zen like place as she intends to have a clairvoyant to ‘see into our lives’ – don’t ask me what sort of a retreat is this but it sounds like I am preparing for a seance ha ha!

I certainly did not like the sound of it though. 🤔

“Nice” is relative or arbitrary to a lot of people.

My taste may be your poison and my choice may be too opulent or costly as I do like “nice” things ha ha!

I was given a budget of $60 to $80 per pax and it must include venue rental, 2 tea breaks, lunch and dinner.

Dragon Lady thinks we are living in 1940s when dinner cost $0.10 for a bowl of noodles. Sheesh!!

So off I went with Ms Quick Foot. She is my balancer of taste or preference as I have a grand idea of “nice”😉 – Nice to me is the likes of creature comforts of Grand Hyatt, Shangri-La, St Regis, Conrad or Sheraton Towers. 😃

The hotels I had to physically go and look see were chosen by Dragon Lady and we had to find out the cost for a 3 night hotel stay for Clairvoyant and a room to host us 12 people whilst our “past lives were probed” – I am going to zip my trap as why should a room of strangers know my past life!

I do not like all this hocus pocus on past lives as I prefer to retain my privacy.

Dragon Lady is a tad over intruding. Sigh!

Off I went like a dog doing “fetch”

Hotel 1 was sited in the eastern part of Singapore. I was not impressed. 18 sq m. Smallish! Service was extremely bad. Tossed! It was pricey too!

Hotel 2

A sister property of Hotel 1.

A bit nicer and bigger but oooh pricey! Dragon Lady shook her head in disdain.

Hotel 3

I was greeted by rolling hilly plains, well actually undulating grounds. It was simple in landscape and an idyllic site. I could hear crickets and a squirrel went about oblivious to my presence, as if aware that the woods were big enough to co-exist! 

To me, this has gotta to be it!

Loving it more as it is a quaint black and white property and on entry the service was warm and we were served longan tea.

The lobby had a lovely statue of Buddha in a meditative state with votive lamp and the aromatherapy of sandalwood oils permeated the air alongside lemongrass scents.

It was antiquated, cosy and nice but absolutely pricey!

Dragon Lady will have a fit if she knew the price. Clairvoyant will have a complimentary 30 minute massage.

My best selection was Hotel 4 at the fringe of city.

I love the ambience!!

A lovely hotel room with king size bed, roomy and a great board room for the seance😉

Sadly Dragon Lady finds all too expensive.

For a small budget, I would suggest that we have it in the office and she can put up Clairvoyant in a place that meets her pocket. At her dollar value, we might as well have it at the bus stop and order a mini burger each for 2 tea breaks, lunch and dinner😃


12 responses to “Finding Serenity

  1. Difficult when demands are beyond finance…I think your last idea was the best!

  2. Sarah says:

    The last idea was funny.

  3. scifihammy says:

    It seems Dragon Lady is living in the past. Hotel prices are really high these days! An idyllic Get Away sounds tempting – but not if your privacy is to be invaded!
    Good Luck on your search. (I also like the quiet one where you got served tea :))

  4. calmkate says:

    May I suggest a picnic on the beach to stay within budget and then send the clairvoyant for along swim while you all go home! lol

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