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Local Soya Bean Snacks – Mr Bean

on January 24, 2017

We have a chain selling these soya bean snacks and milk products.

Aptly called Mr Bean (*After the soya bean and not our Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean 😂)

Reasonably priced, it is a great breakfast stop for us to pick up a quick bite to eat the office.

Soya milk and soya puddings including herbal jellies are also available and you can order zero sugar or less sugar or nor normal order with sugar.

The pancakes come in rounds and have fantastic flavors of fillings either sweet or savoury.

From chocolate to kaya (*coconut jam), red bean (*azuki beans mashed), peanut (*creamy cruncy peanut paste as if like peanut butter) to savories like tuna, cheese and egg mayo.

It is simply yum and soya milk on its own is great healthy plant protein! 


One response to “Local Soya Bean Snacks – Mr Bean

  1. It all looks and sounds really nice…my son is vegetarian and would probably eat all of these!

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