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Window Shopping For Chinese New Year Plants

on January 27, 2017

Chinese New Year is when families would visit nurseries to buy plants and flowers to adorn their homes in the evenings.

This is to ensure homes are beautifully decorated to usher in guests.

Guests including families would visit each other on the first day of Chinese New Year to wish each other, feast and give out red packets or hong baos containing monies to children and or singletons. Married couples would give out these hong baos.

So in the spirit of tradition, tonight we visited 5 nurseries in the east of lil red dot.

Narcissus plants featured below is an example of an auspicious plant.

Giant oranges on mini tree in a pot would also be bought as it makes good synonym in Chinese to sound like gold.

Smaller version of oranges.

Small potted plants.

Last but not least our auspicious Chinese character to meant “huat” in hokkien or teochew dialect or “fa” in mandarin.

Mum, dad and I did not buy any as I cannot lift to carry any pots and that with me working, there is no time to give loving care to the beautiful plants.

Instead after walking  through all the nurseries, we ended up at KFC for a fried chicken snack😉


4 responses to “Window Shopping For Chinese New Year Plants

  1. Some lovely plants, I like the little orange trees with the full-sized fruits-seen lemon trees like that too 🙂

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