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Lil Red Dot’s Terrexes Seizure By HK Customs

on January 31, 2017

Our army terrexes were seized by HK customs for supposedly “customs” violations on 23 November 2016. 

Reasons cited were poor paper work by vessel owner APL. This resulted in our terrexes being impounded.

Local gossip felt it was actually a result of One China policy as the terrexes we ordered were from Taiwan. 

Why did local gossip erupt? 

Tongues wagged because we have used the same shipper APL since 1990s and it was not the first time a vessel of APL carried our military equipment and had transited in HK. There were no issues transiting our terrexes in HK and it cleared, sailed on home.

Our government argued that it was no secret we bought from Taiwan for many years. (*stating facts to HK which we are sure went to the ears of China)

So why only now were our terrexes waylaid and seized without genuine reasons?

Speculations were rife that China used HK to do it as HK is an SAR (Special Administered Region) and it will not strain our relations with China.

HK became the scape goat so that China could “check out our military equipment and spy”

Whatever it was, our government made representations to both HK and China before they finally decided to return our terrexes by February 8th.

But hooray, today’s news reported that our terrexes arrived yesterday.

Thankfully a peaceful end to the saga…tacit diplomacy worked I guessed.

True or not….we will never know but hey it is good for a laugh! Kudos to the cartoonist for thinking of this toon to put a message across. 


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