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When Dark Clouds Loom….

Over the weeks, I have been observing clouds.

The pieces of cottony goodness that bring us rain is fascinating.

From light weighted floss like texture, it grows to heavy dark rain clouds.

Our government has announced the need to raise water prices, first in 2 decades and by 30%.

Why? New technology and filtration infrastructure were built such that we are not beholden to any neighboring country for water supply.

I am glad that when I need water, I turn on the tap and water flows.

Tap water is safe to drink here and fortified with good nutrients for our teeth too.

I remember living in San Francisco and how much water cost! Also there were days that we had to rethink washing our cars.

So rain clouds have to be my best friend. 

I am one of those that like quick showers twice a day.

I am one of those that like a clean toilet bowl like John Cage of Ally McBeal character ha ha!

I am one of those that must do laundry and sheets very often.

If my habits do not change, I must earn more $ to pay or conserve water usage­čĄö

Earning more is a challenge in today’s economic climate as my other options for vocations fell through.

Looks like I have to work with Dragon Lady…maybe fate feels I ought to be here.

Ponder! Ponder! Think! Think!

In concluding…..

When dark clouds loom, I must be grateful for the water that I am about to receive…..­čśâ


Beer Vs Therapy

But beer must never be the solution.

Beer is for fun chill outs with buddies and relax when Friday comes round or when it is football season.

Stay safe and drink in moderation ­čśŐ


I Wonder….



My post today is not about ancestry, nor is it about “Roots” the novel by Alex Haley which featured Kunta Kinte.

It is about botanical roots. 

As I sit and wait for part time help to come, I would often wander about in the gardens, observing how the plants are doing.

Today’s findings were interesting root formations.

Picture 1 Tree Roots Of The Soursop Tree

This tree has never borne a fruit. But if it does, it is a creamy texture fruit tyat is sour and makes a great dribbling over shaved ice that we call “ice kachang”
Picture 2 Roots From Yellow Palm Tree

It seems to me, it behaves like a mangrove root.

Pictures 3 & 4 Roots Of Ficus Trees

Roots is the source of life and it means the same for humans too. Without our roots or ancestry, we will not be.

Root is also the beginning…as in money is purported as root of all evil. I beg to differ on this argument though as like it or not, money is required. It is the choices we make when using money that could bode trouble.

My 5 minutes of reflection on life’s issues that surround us.

Trees, part of greening Singapore is now a hazard. Our 270 year old Tembusu heritage tree toppled and killed one person recently, injuring many who were at the Botanical Gardens.

Falling branches from trees planted along roads have damaged cars.

Arborists have been diligently checking health of trees but with climate change and strong winds, trees topple and or branches can fall.

Life….or fate or act of God? I call it destiny. If one’s time on earth is done, I guess one will be recalled by divine forces in a unique way.

I pray for a quick passing when my time comes or we locals say, “ho see” – die a good death, not hooked up to machined in a long drawn battle with men in white.


New Malaysian ┬áRestaurant In Takapuna, Auckland

Sis told me on Sunday that a new Malaysian restaurant had opened up on Taukapuna.

She and her family would try it.

On the whole, she shared that it was not too bad.

Hor fun or fried noodles cost about $15 NZD a plate.

Nephew stuck with his tempura prawns­čśë

He is a smart lad….anything fried cannot go terribly wrong­čśâ


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