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And So The Story Goes #53 – Day 4, Chinese New Year

on February 1, 2017

Phone rang on Monday early evening.


“Let’s go for dinner. Driving over now” & he hung up.


I was speechless. No time given to me to speak.

5 minutes later, I got a text.


“Downstairs! If you are not down in 1 ninute, I am gone”


“5 Minutes!”

Mr EX  invited me out for dinner at not one but two restaurants with a Michelin Star each.

Tstua Ramen located at Pacific Plaza was our first stop.

A queue had formed and we were 15th in line. Stools were placed outside the store and we sat, waited patiently for our turn.

Half an hour later, we were told to order our ramen on a big touch screen POS machine.

Mr EX asked me to order as he was busy typing on his mobile device a new article he was writing.

Big mistake as I am not one who knows what to order.

So, I ordered 1 bowl Char Siu Shoyu Soba ($22) and 1 bowl Char Siu Shio Soba ($22)- both with lesser salt.

For drinks we had wheat tea ($1.80 per cup)

Below is Char Siu Shoyu Soba

Below is Char Siu Shio Soba

He gave me his visa pay wave and I majestically waved payment of $49.60 with taxes and service. Since he wasn’t paying attention to me, I deliberately spoke to the others in the queue loydly that I am so powerful to “wave for anything I wanted!”

Mr EX did not flinch as he knew I would never do it! Ha! I might one day.

Not cheap at $24.80 per pax for a bowl of ramen were my thoughts.

After polishing that up, he told me to walk out and into another Restaurant called Kam’s Roast, yet another Michelin Star restaurant from HK in the same building.

Mr EX went on an ordering spree. 

He ordered roast duck, roast meat, soya sauce chicken and belly roast.

We could not finish what he ordered and we ended up having doggie bags for my dinner tomorrow.

His damage at this restaurant was $90.00

I forgot to take photos😒

The portions were smallish though but it was the fun I guess.

It was Mr EX’s way of spending CNY with me and I was grateful for his time and effort.😊

It left him close to $130 out of pocket😉 and I felt pleased that he chose to give me a treat😊


3 responses to “And So The Story Goes #53 – Day 4, Chinese New Year

  1. Lol…looks like he’s trying to impress..:)

  2. Neethu says:

    That’s wonderful…😊

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