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Ode To Garfield #9

on February 7, 2017

The most loveable part of my inanimate furball has gotta be Garfield’s paws – fascinating to me.

Its feet or I call paws, are cushiony huge whilst its legs are long and thinly attached to a huge torso.

Nothing about my inanimate Garfield is proportional in size!

Head is huge, larger than torso and everything else small except look at those cushiony leg paws!

I love Garfield’s paws. Soft and squooshy it is nice to hug.

Oh Garfield, my lovely inanimate furball,

You are definitely not fat, just undertall!

Head so big, torso attached with huge tail makes you fall.

Your front paws are teeny tiny, cannot throw Odie any ball.

You can only lie on your back, not moving even when I call!

You cannot even stand tall 😉

So why am I such a huge Garfield fan?

Could it be it is because of his orangey skin tones?

Or maybe his adorable huge half opened eyes?

I think it is more his paws!!

Garfield is my comforting inanimate furball 😊 – he does not poo nor pee and is quite fuss free to keep ha ha!


2 responses to “Ode To Garfield #9

  1. What a treat
    Reading words so sweet
    About a cat
    That is not ….fat!
    Lol…:) xx

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