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Tampines Hub

on February 8, 2017

The organisation that I volunteer at recently moved to this “mother of all malls” – monolith Tampines Hub!

Located in the east of lil red dot, it is huge!

This is just one wing that is currently opened during the soft launch.

Heaps of food eateries, a large NTUC supermarket and eco garden on the roof area (phase 2).

Health fitness center and community clubs including other self help groups are available too.

Wing 2 has not yet opened and I read in the lift lobby that it would probably open by April 2017.

What I like about it was that there were open seats and tables to break the monotony and allow people to gather in small groups to chit chat or enjoy a quick bite.

New malls, new layouts…better flow of human traffic and I love the roomy car parks…huge lots for idiotic drivers like me who love wide berths navigating the bends in car parks!

To end the night of voluntary work…we had a lohei session too…3 more days and Chinese New Year ends!

Tossing of the auspicious dish and to ensure we do not mess up the office table, we lined the table with newspapers 😊


4 responses to “Tampines Hub

  1. scifihammy says:

    That mall is massive! I find even ours are too big and the shop you want is always at the extreme other end to where you are! Lots of walking!
    Enjoy the last of your Chinese New Year celebrations πŸ™‚

  2. It’s HUGE! I’d get lost…for’d probably find me crying in the sweet shop…

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