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A Happy Person On Monday

on February 13, 2017

I am not retired but am happy today, on a Monday!

Why? Dragon Lady is away, in a land where internet and emails are slow! Bravo!!

I could sit back and do my work without thinking that I need to work till past 8pm or 9pm because of her long windedness!

Ms Bare Midriff will pop by and we may have to work late still. 

Boon and bane of employment.

Boon is the wages we get.

Bane is the long hours we slave daily to get wages.

Luckier employees get to work 9am to 5pm or 6pm. Then they scoot off.

Unfortunately for me, I have never had the good fortune of going home on time.

Then, it is driving home traffic woes.

I just wanna get home and watch my half hour soap at 8.30pm and eat my dinner in front of the goggle box!

Happy Monday folks or maybe not…Tuesday gets better..3 days nearer to Friday!


4 responses to “A Happy Person On Monday

  1. Hope you had a good day…

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