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Long Hours At Work…

on February 16, 2017

Work today was unending, finishing only at 9pm for me.

Thankfully my colleague had helped me get dinner at lunch time…a bucket meal of sambal rice with chicken from Colonel Sanders…yup Kentucky Fried Chicken! 

I thought it would be a tad fun to “eat dangerously” for tonight as I was too tired to rummage dinner at home at 10pm.

My stomach was rumbling…

Meanwhile I found a balloon at lunch time and blew it up!

I had to draw the face as the 2 pointy “ears” without a face was somewhat resembling “nipples” and my colleagues were laughing at it.

Good to laugh when we are all working so late ha ha!

I wish there was better motivation to work…hmm like the one to study perhaps? 😃

Let me share with you how Singlish sounds….this is how a local netizen decided to create this for “die hard romantics” and it is quite true…

Row 1, Box 1 on left

999 roses because starting a courtship and so, to “sian” means to “impress” girlfriend to get her.

Box 2 on right

Quantity of roses shrank once boy is in relationship with girlfriend

2nd Row Box on right

After going steady or in a one to one relationship, roses bouquet shrank even more.

2nd row, 2nd box on right

After marriage, you can count the number of roses. Shrinking numbers…

Last row box on left…

Marriage with kids, it is now one rose!

Last row box on right…is ultimate marriage after 20 years…it boils down to a head of “cauliflower” as it is a “flower”

Happy Thursday… more day to Friday or 1 5 hrs to midnight.

 Friday evening,  I have a meeting with Duke of Yore and will be home after 11pm.

Good night folks 😊 Sweet dreams and Garfield hugs!


3 responses to “Long Hours At Work…

  1. HA HA HA!! Balloon…!! I quite like cauliflower…:)

  2. You and your colleagues weren’t tempted to photocopy your posteriors, by any chance … ? 😉

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