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Some Thoughts

on February 17, 2017

Life need not be all strife,

We all need to get a life.

Sometimes woe is life,

Often times happiness is life.

Life can get harder for some men with wives,

Stinging them like the bees in hives!

I am often times angry with life,

Why must I be alive?

To serve, to give, to share in this life?

To take, to hate, to blame in this life?

To forgive but not forget in this life?

For sure, I am not an angel in this life!

Like pantomines, an actor I play this life,

An “angel” I must be in tomorrow’s life,

But really, I rather be the “devil” with 2 horns and a tail!

Naughty or nice? I am alive 😃😃😃


3 responses to “Some Thoughts

  1. scifihammy says:

    Aw Sometimes the very living can get one down.
    But it is Friday night! So time to kick off your shoes and relax for the weekend. 🙂
    LM sends hugs to Garfield. 😀

  2. And of course to write your blog-I need your helpful relationship hints for my son 🙂 xxx

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