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Pop Up Shops At Vivo City

on February 18, 2017

I was at Vivo City, a big shopping mall, located near Sentosa to check out on pop up shops managed by creative and artistic social entrepreneurs.

They start on having Thursdays as set up dates and tear down on Sundays.

Stall holders then start to deck out their wares on these fixtures. From bare tables, they slowly start to fill up.

Afterall, it was Friday! And voila on Friday morn…stores comes alive!

From bags to costume jewellery…all hand made…

Bags and little tote bags handsewn…

Down to hand blended local scents for our hot humid weather with people who have sensitive skin!

There is miniature pottery, food fishes down to kitchen ware in wee sizes!

Miniature signature dishes of Singapore…chicken rice and satay!

Miniature plates and local nonya kueh such as ondeh ondeh (*lil green balls coated with grated coconut with gula melaka fillings), kueh talam and 9 layer cake.

Tiny little cats and cup cakes…

Stall selling wooden handicraft ….

Terrariums for your homes or offices or gifts!

Handsewn patchwork blankets, cushions and place mats.

Creativity knows no bounds….these social entrepreneurs are really self sustaining for their own livelihood.


7 responses to “Pop Up Shops At Vivo City

  1. Fascinating…I love the kitty cakes, although I couldn’t eat them..really interesting share, thank you :)xx

  2. Wow… booths sit quietly unassuming, then POP goes the shops
    β€”bursting into a huge pop shop extravaganza! πŸ™‚ πŸ’œ Jackie@KWH

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