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Ordering Coffee Like A Pro In Singapore

on February 23, 2017

In Singapore, or we Singaporeans fondly call “Lil Red Dot,” ordering local coffee or “kopi” has to be the most complicated process.

It is indeed an art!

Our local Sunday Times for last Sunday printed these instructions which I felt was most useful to share in case my dear wordpress friends might one day visit my lil red dot.

Incidentally, for those only just starting to read Garfield Hug, I did write an earlier post on the art of ordering our local coffees. 

I had also explained how a former Indonesian President made fun of Singapore for its size, stating to the world that we are nothing more than a “little red dot” (*to exemplify to the world that we are “insignificant”)

To which, our late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew smiled and said, “we are a lil red dot but we are like chilli padi (*a small chilli packed with spiciness on a richter scale).”

Our neighbors need us as much as we need them. Lil Red dot has paid many many millions in SGD to Indonesia as “goodwill” but Indonesia has taken it all as “invoiced cost or demanded”.

I guess it is their corrupt style of demands to our lil red dot to stay “neighborly”

 But we do not need Indonesia’s slash and burn policies which caused haze and pollution to our blue skies during dry months of June to August.

Enough coffee shop talk as kopi drinkers in our coffee shops would say…here are the instructions on how to order a cuppa kopi in Singapore.

Now we can all order kopi like pros!

I am off to the coffee shop 😎


5 responses to “Ordering Coffee Like A Pro In Singapore

  1. Always interesting to hear about Singapore-I think it looks beautiful and is definitely on my list of places to visit..when I win the lottery..:) xx

  2. Always good to get local knowledge …

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