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Paw Paw Soup With Pork Ribs – Come Tour A Community Farm Plot

on February 24, 2017

I like talking to seniors who work as volunteers to farm on community plots.

These days we are all housed in high rise flats ie 80% of us are.

Uncle Ho, whom I fondly shout out hellos to each morning would quickly come up to me to share his latest planting exploits.

This morning, the spritely 65 year old handed me 10 calamansi limes. 

He heard me tell him that I love drinking calamansi lime juice with water.

I was harvesting off a bush, orangey green calamansi limes that I sought permission from the owner in the community farm plot.

Calamansi lime is a teeny tiny round sized fruit that is about the size of a shelled macadamia nut. 

He also brandished a green paw paw or papaya as I had also shared in my last chit chat session with him that I would love to try making unripe papaya soup with pork ribs. These days unripe papaya is touted as a nutritious veggie fruit!

The papaya has to be unripe and of a somewhat mature size.

This evening I cooked it…

Verdict: yummy and refreshing with paw paw tasting like a melon!

Uncle Ho continued to show me his farming accolades.

Sugar cane

Chilli Padi or Thai Chillis that pack a whallop in spiciness!

Basil grows behind this chilli padi.

Purple Spinach alongside “Tik Wang Ti Chye” or Emperor’s vegetable and Kangkong creeping on the ground.

Uncle Ho is a busy “farmer” and he has lots more to do😉


13 responses to “Paw Paw Soup With Pork Ribs – Come Tour A Community Farm Plot

  1. scifihammy says:

    So rewarding to grow vegetables – and how lucky you are to share in the produce! 🙂

  2. Interesting post 🙂 the soup looks really nice!

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