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When Dark Clouds Loom….

on February 28, 2017

Over the weeks, I have been observing clouds.

The pieces of cottony goodness that bring us rain is fascinating.

From light weighted floss like texture, it grows to heavy dark rain clouds.

Our government has announced the need to raise water prices, first in 2 decades and by 30%.

Why? New technology and filtration infrastructure were built such that we are not beholden to any neighboring country for water supply.

I am glad that when I need water, I turn on the tap and water flows.

Tap water is safe to drink here and fortified with good nutrients for our teeth too.

I remember living in San Francisco and how much water cost! Also there were days that we had to rethink washing our cars.

So rain clouds have to be my best friend. 

I am one of those that like quick showers twice a day.

I am one of those that like a clean toilet bowl like John Cage of Ally McBeal character ha ha!

I am one of those that must do laundry and sheets very often.

If my habits do not change, I must earn more $ to pay or conserve water usage🤔

Earning more is a challenge in today’s economic climate as my other options for vocations fell through.

Looks like I have to work with Dragon Lady…maybe fate feels I ought to be here.

Ponder! Ponder! Think! Think!

In concluding…..

When dark clouds loom, I must be grateful for the water that I am about to receive…..😃


6 responses to “When Dark Clouds Loom….

  1. I am grateful for the clean water but slightly annoyed by the fact that I have to pay £20.00 more in water rates than my mother who just lives about 15 minutes away…

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