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Chronicles Of Dragon Lady #1

on March 1, 2017

The ugliness of Dragon Lady (DL) begins.

Mr Odd Job does literally a job without scope. 

It includes cleaning, climbing up or down to fix lights, rear fishes for the pond, sweep the grounds and on and on.

Every 2 weeks he has to load and unload 15 kg tables for pop up stalls.

Mr Odd Job is in his late 50s and has faithfully served DL for 20 years, doing her beckoning and being called on like a dog. You whistle, he comes!

If the office door needs to be locked after office hours as DL likes to sit and wallow till 10pm or later, who do you call? Mr Odd Job!

As newbies we are disallowed holding onto office keys as we are “not in the circle of trust” – just like Meet The Fockkers!

Mr Odd Job never complains and quietly bikes over to do it.

If DL needs to be fed, who does she call? Not Food Panda or Deliveroo but Mr Odd Job! Off he goes to personally get her what she wants!

One would think kindness is reciprocated right? Think again.

This is a true narration.

Mr Odd Job shared that he needed to see his orthopaedic surgeon as his neck hurt.

He returned and shared that he had prolapse discs at C2/C3 & C4. His surgeon told him not to lift heavy things and if by 6 weeks his condition does not improve, he would require surgery.

I reported this to DL stating the facts.

I got a reply that shocked me.

I was told off for not being diligent in reporting as prolapse discs are common for old men and he probably has spondylitis. She enclose a googled link for back pain!

Who died and made her a doctor much less either a neurosurgeon or orthopaedic surgeon?

She droned on to say she had it in 2015 and is fine! 

“When do you want to have an immediate replacement?”

“Who says he needs to rest? Even after surgery he can carry things within a week of surgery!”

“Who is he to say he cannot carry things. Make him show a medical report!”

My heart sank.

She is as evil as Electrical Lord.

She is devil incarnate of EL.

I was told it is international kindness week, this week.

I am deeply disappointed at her answer and lack of compassionate understanding.

If Mr Odd Job knew, he would surely resign with sadness.


16 responses to “Chronicles Of Dragon Lady #1

  1. scifihammy says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to read this. What an awful, selfish woman! You’d think that after 20 years of good service she would be kinder to her loyal employee! 😦

  2. better not say anything to DL about him not being able to lift heavy things after his surgery, otherwise she might be reminded that he might not be up to the job and sack him… then he will be out of a job and he certainly wont thank you for telling on him.

  3. Oh-oh…and so it begins…just be careful yourself, poor man,sending some healing thoughts his way xx

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