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on March 6, 2017

Ms India asked me why do I bother rushing home or staying up late, watching 8.30pm drama, Tanglin, which airs Mondays to Fridays when Dragon Lady (DL) gives us enough drama at work! 

Tanglin is re-telecast same night at midnight. So if I miss 8.30pm, I still get to watch it at midnight!

Ms India is not wrong! 

We have a “Promise Land” which is euphemism for empty promises, causing  arguments between what vendors say and DL says.

I prefer using the reasonable man on the street scenario. 

There is no smoke without fire and I like to think that people who do business gets riled up because what they were promised gets flip flopped about.

Hence, a case of “Promise Land”

The signs of an unethical and flip flopping about DL (almost 50 years old) and Ms Bare Midriff (she is 30 years old) are slowly becoming evident.

Ms Marketing felt betrayed. 

So did Ms India. 

Both were “sold”on the job that the company does good for society. DL said point blank she takes no salary. However she is the board director and contrary to what she told interviewees, this organisation is a limited company.

As they slowly observed, it was evident that the motive was more the case of lining the coffers of DL.

My advice for them was to practice emotional detachment. 

There is no such thing as fresh air and sunshine.

Not for profit or non profit all make profits or income or revenue. 

However you call it or label it, it is money at the end. Period!

At most we can do is to really find ways to weave social good into work.

DL is shrewd. For sure she wants monies.

Just like the picture above…..however you cut it, it is still whole, just disguised!


8 responses to “Dramas

  1. scifihammy says:

    So true. I feel very sorry for DL’s employees, that she tricked when she hired them. Seems there are a lot of unscrupulous bosses out there. 😦
    So – why not watch your soapies and escape a while? 🙂

  2. Not good…are there no workers unions or representatives there?

  3. The V Pub says:

    Yup, it is sad, but it’s all about the money.

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