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Definitions #2

on March 7, 2017


6 responses to “Definitions #2

  1. In the beginning, there was Adobe and Eve in the Garden of Shareware. Eve tasted the Apple and we were forever banished from the Garden to live upon the vast wasteland of Bloatware.

    Over time, Adobe’s faith splintered. Today, they are broken up into four main branches known today. PDF, or Reader as its commonly referred, is the oldest. Known for being irrefutable and unchangeable.

    Next is Dreamweaver, a passing fad of Adobe beliefs that had a lot of potential that it never quite lived up to. It was intended to simplify the religious and provide converts to the faith as a gateway to larger thinking. It never truly reached its full potential and is known to have a similar following to the early adapters of another sect of followers known as AOL.

    The third group, effeminately referred to as Photoshop, is an ever adapting faith. An extremist form of the original Adobe theory, one that has transformed from the original intent of the faith. Photoshop is a popular faith whose core tenets are hard to pinpoint. Some users don’t quite understand the concepts themselves and will quickly convert to newer, flashier faiths like Instagram. Most users tie themselves to the basic principles, but abuse it’s Meme-based dichotomy.

    Lastly, is the largest and most dangerous of all. Flash. The name denotes a quickness that belies its true intent. Flash is a religion of confusion. Nobody quite understands why it exists or why it continues to exist. Some have fought against it, pointing out the glaring holes and insecurity of its basic structure. These individuals have been met with derision from the masses. You do not stand in the way of a believer of Flash for long. Their masses are too great. Their stubbornness to see the error of their ways is too strong.

  2. Totally amazing!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Amy says:


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