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Thursday….Almost There To Weekend

on March 9, 2017

Nothing beats a weary day at work than looking at vegetable beds as I walked through a community farm to chat up the “old uncles”

The sight of life sprouting before my eyes lifts my spirits.

It allows me to forget my wordly troubles of this or that.

Melon creepers, aloe vera and mint all growing side by side.

I learnt about aquaponics which is the use of water and stones to grow veggies.

It is different than hydroponics where veggies are grown in styrofoam boards or PVC pipes with flowing water.

Not all types of veggies can be grown hydroponically. Only butterhead lettuce and chye sim have successfully been grown at this social eco park.

Below is a photo of Chye Sim I bought from the supermarket. This is to provide you with a visual if this tasty veggie that is one of my favorites. It costs $1.10 for this packet.

I do wish oranges can be grown locally as Sunkist oranges shot up in price and is going for $6.95 for 6 oranges.

It is Thursday and I guess I must laugh my aches and pains away…


One response to “Thursday….Almost There To Weekend

  1. It’s always interesting to see your fruit and veg-good grief, oranges are expensive! £2.00 here for 6, although cucumbers have gone up to 75p…not sure how that converts.

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