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Tuesday Laughs

on March 14, 2017

My Tuesday started with me feeling like so….

Then I browsed through images I get from friends…

That is one heck of a spoon that can definitely improve my diet. Ha! Ha!

Agreeably so that I use empty mint boxes for anything but mints. I keep buttons from old clothes as I feel it may be of use. But it never gets to be of useπŸ˜‰

The above is also true! Sheesh! I have had such an experience too!

Aah well….my usual motto remains…when life gives me lemons…I think I will have a tequila shot! Just one so that I can barf my brains out ha ha!

It is Tuesday folks, 2 almost down for work week with 4 more to go as I have to work this Saturday with zero compensation! Sigh!


7 responses to “Tuesday Laughs

  1. I hate those frying pans that lie…I’ve seen ones here that claim to be made of granite and cook everything perfectly and never stick…hmm…we’ll see!

  2. Everything is true. And I like the diet spoon. πŸ˜‚

  3. I recently purchased a supposed super glue, but when I got home, the label was already removed. So much for “permanent stick”…

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