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Come Tour A National Monument With Me In Lil Red Dot

on March 16, 2017

I chanced upon this church on my way to work.

Today, I decided to take a short visit as I was rather early for work.

Church of Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary is a Catholic Church with root beginnings in 1853 as a shack till it was built in 1901.

It is a beautiful gothic church with a long history such that it has been granted a national monument status.

The entire church grounds is cobblestoned.

I was told that the blessed Virgin Mary at this church has through her intercession, made many miracles possible. 

This was a “holy” ground and this is evident by early risers who sit on park benches in front of this statue and pray. 

The gothic style vault arches are evident and given it is Lent, the purple cloth is draped on the columns.

A mix of ionic scrolls for columns. The only modernisation added were ceiling fans and moder Smart TV screens. Actually possibly LED screens as these screens seemed aged.

I love the old mosaic flooring.

As if like tapestry on a floor.

Ornate metap spiral staircase.

Antiquated wooden doors as if like those of a castle.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of one of our national monuments – 216 years old…or 2 centuries old!

Not too bad for a grand old dame!


3 responses to “Come Tour A National Monument With Me In Lil Red Dot

  1. Fascinating..really enjoyed the virtual tour thank you 🙂 x

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