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And So The Story Goes #57

on March 17, 2017

Like the Ghost of Christmas Past, I suddenly saw Mr EX’s text message.


“I am back! You home?”


Moron forgets that I am a minion working for Dragon Lady. I do not have luxury of flexi time nor earlier than usual release times. Not at 1pm in the afternoon!


“Working lah! I may be able to finish an offsite meeting early and can be available. Why? What’s up”


“Ok. Dinner then.”


“Okie. Text you when am home then.”


“But remember to wipe your fingers clean after cleaning your backside to finger phone tap a message to me!”


TRIPLE MORON! He never gives up on his jibe at me for cleaning backside!

MR EX arrived when I texted hin and he started his usual chatter of his latest adventure and travels.

As usual he took the lead to drive us to a new eating place which he shared that his new client brought him to eat at.

Sufood Restaurant that serves Vegetarian Food located at Raffles City was owned by a Taiwanese.

On entering this restaurant the staff greeted us with “Sufood…welcome to Sufood” repeatedly as we walk through each section of the restaurant till we sat down.

The waiter presented us with the menus but I was startled by Mr EX’s reaction.


“Take back your menu.”

He then looks at me.

“Menu is too complicated. You don’t bother reading it. Waste time. We talk.”

He then turns to the waiter. I could not even look at the menu and I whined as he took it out of my hands as half the fun was flipping through the voluminous menu looking at the colorfully plated dishes.

My pleasure was removed. Hrrrumph!

“Just order for us. Put together a menu for us.”

Waiter is taken aback. 

“But sir may I know what you would like? ”



Waiter then looks at me.

But before waiter could ask what I would like, MR EX chimes in.


“She does not eat alot. You just order. She likes mushrooms, lots of mushrooms”

Waiter refuses to give up.

“Would you like claypot rice or spaghetti?”


“Just bring some rice. Just one portion and we share. She does not eat a lot”

MR EX then looks at me.

“The food here is plenty. Don’t eat too much just sample a bit of everything so we can try everything.”

My first course…was rice vermicelli topped with seaweed and tomato with a romaine lettuce leaf.

Mulberry vinegar was served in a tiny shot glass.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the rest of the food as MR EX was busy tasting and pushing away alot of unfinished food after a spoonful. I was wholly amused as this night he wanted centre stage. 

A lovely cream of mushroom puree was served and after 2 spoonsful, MR EX pushed his plate away and reminded me not to finish it.

Waiter clears my plate as I mournfully let my soup go…almost to the tune of Let It Go by Disney’s Frozen.

“Sir is there any problem with the food?”


“No. We just cannot finish. Just serve more”

Main course was purple rice with veggies and salad and a giant monkeyhead mushroom.

MR EX rejected a mushroom skinny pizza.

Dessert was tiramisu, pear juice and caramel custard pudding.

MR EX felt so achieved running dinner and having me sample the myriad of dishes.

And so the story goes.. ..truth be told I dunno what we talked about. I remembered voices and Mr EX chatteting non stop. Content not registered though ha ha!


9 responses to “And So The Story Goes #57

  1. Hmm, he obviously wanted your attention…what’s a monkey head mushroom?

  2. scifihammy says:

    I agree that half the fun of a new restaurant is looking through the menu. šŸ™‚
    Sounds like you had One bite of everything! šŸ™‚

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