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How I Feel Too

on March 21, 2017

Calvin Of Hobbs said it best! How troll but true!

As a child, all one worries about is if I could have chocolate or potato crisps.

Or if I can stay up late to watch TV or just stay up for the sake of staying up.

Then came school and homework and aargh grades.

I wonder what teacher would do today? Pop quiz or tick me off for passing notes or in today’s realm…texting!

University life begins and it is about assignments or when is spring or summer break.

Doldrums hit me when I became an adult!

Work for evil lords, get stamped upon or stabbed from behind. I failed miserably in office politics and ended up doing everyone’s work.

Adulthood is reality at its epoch.

Bills, family, sibling shirking family duties, relationship woes etc etc…being an adult is indeed the dumbest thing to ever do!πŸ˜‰


11 responses to “How I Feel Too

  1. Ginger says:

    Chin up girl, you will get there!

  2. There are some advantages to being an adult though..can’t think of any right now…but they’ll come to me!! πŸ™‚ xx

  3. GP Cox says:

    How i do miss Calvin and Hobbes!! The greatest philosophers!!

  4. Haha, true, until you retire and can start behaving like a kid again! Long time to wait, of course, and not everyone gets there so we need compulsory regular sabbaticals …

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