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And So The Story Goes # 58 

on March 23, 2017

MR EX was away all week from last Monday.

Still he kept in touch via text messages. 


“I am in a give and take relationship.”




“I give you take! Plus on top of it, I get a lot of nag nag and scoldings! But I am a masochist and have gotten used to you 😄- so tell me what you need. Send me photos!”


“El Nutso you! You and your rubbish! 🤔 Hmm now that you mention, I need  baby talcum powder. I cannot get the brand I want at stores near my home.”


I hurriedly sent him a photo of my favorite baby talcum powder. My inanimate furball gets powdered too after a sun bath. Crazy me! But I love the fragrance of baby powder 😄


“Okay! Anything else?”


“Since you are so kind for once…..get me my favorite sour candy”



Silenced ensued till today.


“Am back! Powder and sour candy with me. Flying again”

Silence again till he is back I guess in another week or so. Plus I want my baby talcum powder and sour candy 😉

And so the story goes…Mr EX keeps me entertained indeed ha ha!

We are broken up, yet strangely connected! 


11 responses to “And So The Story Goes # 58 

  1. HN says:

    I like your last sentence! 😀

  2. Ginger says:

    Frankly it sounds quite painful to me .. doubt his wife knows about it?

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