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Lemons Coming?

on March 24, 2017

My appointment with my trusty medical Professor is due in 2 weeks’ time.

I just saw him 4 weeks ago and it seems he was not pleased with my blood work. It seems my body is “unhappy” and so instead of 16 weeks, he said “see you in 4 weeks”

I tell you…this body of mine is a hard fella to please. It gets easily “annoyed”

The way Prof breaks “unhappy news” to me is like as if we were both best of buddies and shooting the breeze.

First he would ask me what meds I need. As if like a shopper in a candy mall, I will rattle off my requirements as if buying Lindt, Whitakers,  Ritter Sports, Suchardt, Nestle or Toblerone.

These are “candy” that I buy but often times not taken.

I seem to think, I am the doctor and Prof is my colleague in medicine. I would bargain for this or that and decline this or that.

As if in  a wet market, the haggling is quite a fun one.

Once that was done and Prof prints my blood results, he casually said that things don’t look good. Hmm🤔

I felt like Arnold, the kid in Growing Pains, “whatcha talking about?” And  gave the same exact scowl😉

I am used to these things by now.

I will not die immediately but hey I gotta report to the heavenly or ghastly realm one day. 

The more important question was when and how?

I would like to go in style ha ha!

So last Saturday, I skipped off to the lab at Singapore General to repeat my blood tests.

My veins misbehaved and the first phlebotomist or lab technician apologised for failing to land 3 vials needed. He did not shriek “eureka” but looked crestfallen.

The second phlebotomist tried and failed too. 

Finally after her dogged perserverance, she drew “oil” – not pure gold or Texas crude but blood! 😃

I hope my body is “happier” after 4 weeks and that the blood drawn would have blood corpuscles smiling like my happy emoji ☺ or if lucky….😃😃 or even with laughter and tears 😂

Where is my recipe book for new lemony treats? 🍋🍋🍋


7 responses to “Lemons Coming?

  1. scifihammy says:

    There’s such a fine balance in everything in our bodies, that it’s awful when it gets out of sync. I hope your blood work is better this time.

  2. i was wincing after i finished reading it. that bit about getting enough blood… my thoughts go out to you.

  3. My partner has the same problem when they want to draw blood…me, I’m like a roadmap!
    Oh dear..I do hope the news is better next time. Carry some hematite-good for blood and circulation 🙂 xxx

  4. mistermuse says:

    I sometimes have the same problem when I go to have bloodwork done. After a minute or two of looking for a suitable vein in vain, I’m tempted to tell the technician “Keep on looking — I’m pretty sure there’s one somewhere.”

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