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Sunday Going On Monday

on March 26, 2017

Aargh! Mondays…too soon! 

Dragon Lady bummed me and my team out last Friday with her incessant flippance and multiple text messages.

She is supposedly somewhere in a mysterious part of USA or Europe.

She is mysterious in that, she tells half truths and pumps self up as an important being in the world.

She claims she “knew” Steve Jobs. 🤔Dead man tell no tales and I could not jolly well verify it ha ha!

She “knows” alot of people – Bill Clinton etc etc….I wonder if she will add Jack Ma of Alibaba and infamous Trump to her list.

I think DL and Trump will get on famously as he tweets a lot whilst she gas bags alot.

What got her goat to come after us was that it seems my ability to ramp up media attention really got off to a good start. 

She had thought that I will not pull it off and that for a boring bit of news, she could get Ms Bare Midriff to do it.

But she was surprised when major local news station would come and cover the event.

Since she was not around for a media conference, she was upset.

365 degree turn and I became the moron! 

It hovered between you were never to do a press conference at that scale. 

I could do a little bit but not too much. 

All in all, I was the depicted stupid bugger!

“Not to do”- “not too much” – alas…to do or not do? Now my headache?!

My team knows that she is flippant. Internally both of them….Ms Bare Midriff and Dragon Lady do not agree. 

Ms Bare Midriff would love the press featuring her. She laps it up and am sure she will arrive in a bare midriff outfit! 

She prides her bare midriff! 

But if I am unkind, calling her as I see it, she has an elongated face that resembles Mr Ed, Talking Horse, classic sitcom series of 60s I think!

Except she does not exude the same classiness! (*A rose in any other name is still, a rose!)

I feel like the same action depicted below, is apt for Dragon Lady and Ms Bare Midriff too.

So last Friday was a bummer.

The coming week is a challenge as I bring media to face Ms Bare Midriff, and wait for return of DL in early April.

Backlash in the fringe waiting……my team and I are expecting it.

As I re-attempt the job market through job applications, it is as they say,”all quiet on the western front”

Fingers, toes and Garfield paws crossed….hopefully I can get job interviews. 

DL is too poisonous for my taste.

Mr EX was right in that she is the female version of EL.


12 responses to “Sunday Going On Monday

  1. scifihammy says:

    Aw it really sucks that the bosses out there are just so awful. I wish you luck in finding a decent place to work. Seems with DL Nothing you do is going to get her approval.

  2. This puts me in mind of the poem ‘Toads’ by Philip Larkin, can’t resist quoting a bit, hope you don’t mind …

    Why should I let the toad work
     Squat on my life?
    Can’t I use my wit as a pitchfork
     And drive the brute off?

    Six days of the week it soils
     With its sickening poison –
    Just for paying a few bills!
     That’s out of proportion.

    Ah, were I courageous enough
     To shout Stuff your pension!
    But I know, all too well, that’s the stuff
     That dreams are made on:

  3. She seems like a total cowbag…what is it about money and power that makes people think they can be horrible…lol…Twitter cartoon!! You should join 🙂 xx

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