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And So The Story Goes #59

on March 28, 2017

5 mins to the witching hour of going home time, my cell phone rings.


“What time you going home? My plane just landed”


“Welcome back! I don’t drive a Ferrari and will be home in an hour.”


“Ok. Play by ear.”


“Okie. Text you when am home”

“Am home. If you want coffee let me know.”



I made it home in 20 minutes. But I guess he is caught up with work already.


I don’t want to argue with him at work. 

Public area and arguing just makes it public noise. 

Besides, I needed his advice on Dragon Lady as this job was on account of Mr EX that I landed it. 

Mr EX had warned me that DL may be the devil incarnate of Electrical Lord except in a female version.

We code named her femme fatale betwixt ourselves LOL!

Still, I had stress issues. Mr EX may end up being my punching bagπŸ˜‰

He appeared at 8.20pm for a late dinner at a usual hotel that served his favorite desserts – anything durian!

It was a fruitful yet intellectual discussion with Mr EX. We did not argue but for once he spoke to me with kindness.

He dissuaded me from doing my PhD but instead he encouraged me to embark on an LLM with University of Salford, UK. He wanted me to study with him. 

I smelt a rat! I am sure he wants me to do something for him.

Truth be told, I have not heard of this university and wonder if it is any good.

My second MBA and his 4th MBA.

We would do it online  but with 1 semester as course work on campus in Switzerland or UK.

Why Switzerland, I am unsure!

He said he would send me the link to the course and he asked me to find out about fees. 

Plus he said that if I decided to shove DL’s job, I should turn up at his office 1pm to 5pm for work.

We parted. I checked the school fees for University of Salford. I text him.


“12,000 CHF or $16,000 SGD”


“Too expensive?”


“I have to sell my backside”


“I’ll find you a place to sell. Good night”


Moron had to swipe me….and he did it matter of factly too! Grr!


4 responses to “And So The Story Goes #59

  1. Salford is near Manchester here-used to be the Polytechnic I think but it’s a decent university…will you do it? More qualifications are always good and you have experience too πŸ™‚ xx

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