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Treats For Media Journalists

on March 30, 2017

Sharing with you the treats that media journalists tried today….

Salmon fish and chips…real potatoes sliced thin and 4 kinds of dips…plain tartar sauce, salted egg, cream cheese and local home made XO sauce.

Served in paper cones and grease proof paper to eat using hands!

Dessert was strawberries with ice cream on a mound of shaved ice.

Seafood platter comprising grilled stingray with sambal sauce, mussels, squid rings and prawns.

The “killer” winning dish was a 5 generation or 100 year old classic chicken curry recipe which wowed the journalists! Served with a side of jasmine rice it was yummy!

Next came mango sherbert with chunks of mango and crunchy sago balls.

Durian sherbert with a side of durian puree and red bean soup.

There were heaps more food but I was busy “entertaining” them that I did not manage to take more photos.

Craft beer was also served along with artisan water from New Zealand  “Nakd” – classy!


8 responses to “Treats For Media Journalists

  1. samanthamurdochblog says:

    It looks wonderful! Brilliantly organised πŸ™‚ xxc

  2. Looks so yumm. I want the rice and chicken curry. That’s looks delicious.

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