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Dangerous Sports?

Men….if you want to learn, do not play this sport ha ha!

Remember the all powerful useful words to survive :-

No dear!

Sorry dear!

No excuse dear!

Simple tips to a lasting union!


Don’t Forget Chillax Sunday

It happened during Ali Baba’s time too….


She’s Back….My Work Rhapsody

Announcing the arrival of flight XYZ from Dragon Lair Land……..Dragon Lady is back! Aargh!

Thankfully,  I am not part of the pom pom or rah rah team to meet and greet at office on Tuesday when minions report back to work.

I am on an unpaid day (yes…don’t ask why….even after working four months, on account of “senior status” (*poor excuse to overcome paying), my ka-chings will be docked.

It gives the supreme leaders, that air of supremacy.

Earned leave is not in their management vocabulary, neither are the words “empathy” and “compassion”….they cite easy to use “senior staff” status, which is balderdash really ha ha!

“You are expected to work at all hours, including weekends…no off days” – I hear the same words that EL used to spew but this time from Supreme Leaders of DL and Ms Bare Midriff.

Definitely not!

If DL hints of wishing us minions to have a good day..

We know it will never happen!

All of us will be…zombie liked after labor day weekend.

Can you tell how tortorous it is to face DL!

Oh gods of mighty heavens and fairies of fairy lands wherefore art thou they saviours? 😂


An Experience I Will Not Forget

I am admittedly directionally challenged. Please laugh….it is ohhh so very true!

The best of GPS systems will not get me to places as I am clueless on distance or directions. North, South, East or West or mere cardinal points. It does not mean much to me 😉

For example, GPS advises me to turn in 300 meters. 

🤔Hmm…300m…even in feet or yards, I am a duffer for anything in spatial sense.

I will panic and turn at first turning. It is always wrong!

Lost!! Hopelessly lost! HA!

So, my trips always warrant detailed Sherlock Holme’s type investigation.

I will use google map, print it and study the route.

I will need to recce before my appointed meeting and together with GPS hunt down the venue.

Yesterday’s meeting went the same way to get to S Man and meeting his head honcho.

Good news is, I can progress to round 2!! Yippe ka yeah as Bruce Willis of Die Hard series would say!

As if like the legendary Ali or Tyson, I have a fair chance to jab at the job pot.

I was told there may be 3 rounds. 

I must dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee before (*as American slang 101 would say) I can whoop ass!! Ha ha!

I will silently bow head and pray to all gods, deities or great forces or find a genie or Aladdin’s lamp! I must excel.

And now my harrowing experience….whilst driving home from the boondocks, my car suddenly froze with engine still running on the road and though my car acclerated and rev needle of car went, my car stood still.

Thankfully I had taken the innermost lane and as it rolled to the road shoulder and I started calling for help.

This is on the most busiest freeway and 10 minutes away from my home.

I thanked the gods as I could have been rammed behind and my neck and spine would shatter and screws, implants would come asunder.

Mr Car Man was fantastic. He has become good friends with me and was the head honcho of my car’s manufacturer.

He taught me to turn off the engine and restart the engine. This will allow my car to drive and that I was to slowly drive home safely. Apparently this was a trigger by German technology to get me off the road to safety and not take the car further lest I be stranded in worst situation.

He knew of my spinal condition. With me standing by the road was not ideal for me, whilst waiting for tow truck.

Lo and hehold, the car started and moved as I acclerated and made it home in one piece.

Within an hour, tow truck came and in another hour, Mr Car Man brought me another car. Being the thoughtful man he is, he put bottled water in the cup holders and personally sent me the car.

He would then grab a taxi to go home after sending me the replacement car to enable me to work this weekend plus labor day weekend. 

More importantly he knew I had to use the car for a hospital appointment plus mobility for me during labor day weekend.

I could not allow him at 9.30pm to look for a cab and without dinner like me, working to make my life easier.

Whilst waiting for him, I quickly bought him a bowl of noodles (*he replied it was comfort food) – from a famous stall at Newton hawker center, selling mince meet pork noodles!

I am blessed by the kindness of Mr Car Man as he went over and beyond in duties to make a difference to my life 😊

Thank you Mr Car Man🤗🤗


Different Traps


I Do This

Silly….but I actually do this too ha ha!


How Great Decisions Are Made By Great Bosses 


An Interesting Meeting In The Wait

S Man has invited me before meeting his boss to have coffee first. S Man and I used to work for Scorpion King. 

We both had our share of poisonous scorpion stings that left us both really feeling lousy. 

It marked the start of both our vocational woes.

S Man text to ask if I would be interested in taking up a small opening at the place where he slaved.

My ears perked up as if like a four paw, head tilted one side🐶….

Yup! I am trying for a job or some say a vocation, but I prefer to use the word, “minionhood” – I hope I get a chance here.

I think all the good bosses in this world are either on strike, in hiding, or extinct.

This sign board is helping me understand and make the right order for coffee. Quite clearly, I do enjoy milky coffee 😂 a.k.a latte!

S Man shared that there is heavy internal politics where he is working. 

Good grief! I googled online to find out what ex employees say of the place.

Top of the board was that there is no micro management and lateness is rampant so long as job gets done.

However what caught my eye was that many moaned about lack of structure, benefits and management support.

Sheesh! Issues are everywhere but comparatively the workplace was rated almost 4 stars out of 5.

Considering Electrical Lord who got no stars and Dragon Lady getting maybe 1 out of 5 stars.

But I wished S Man did not share all that as it clouds my decision to accept if I am offered a work opportunity.

Finding a job is virtually non existent now as it is not possible landing one in the given ugly economic climate.

Still….as I sit and wait my turn….I know there are no certainties in life. My outlook is if it is mine, it will be mine. 

What will be, will be….que sera sera!

I can only wait and pray to leave the ugly domain of DL.


Group Chats In Days Of Yore

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