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Isn’t It Sad

Isn’t it sad that I have no special genre of music? I like whatever that makes me happy!

Isn’t it sad that I do not have that one special guy in my life? Thankfully, I focus on friends and my inanimate furball Garfield!

Isn’t it sad that I do not have a live pet? Hmm…if I could, I think I could settle for a beagle!

Isn’t it sad that I continuously have bad bosses in my jobs? Must be karma!

Isn’t it sad that I cannot afford to do what I want, how I want and when I want? So much for being independent in life as we live by rules!

Isn’t it sad that I thought I had a chance at the last job interview? It has been 2 weeks and am sure they have appointed a candidate to fill the vacant post.

Isn’t it sad that DL was mean when left leg hurts? I wonder where her humanity, compassion and empathy was?! No wonder DL is a lonely old and bitter soul.

Aah well….at least I have teeth….and I can laugh.  


United Airlines…It Does Not End

I had to share as United has been the rage on internet for their rage taken out on “evicting a passenger”


Australia Is Never Looking The Same Again For Me

In an earlier post of mine, Australia was pictured as Scooby Doo’s head.

An artist knows no bounds and creativity tops the list! 


Vegan Easter Eggs Only From Sainsbury!


Pandan Cake Named Lil Red Dot’s National Cake

The soft green sponge chiffon pandan cake (pictured above as 4 pcs of wedge cake slices) at 6 o’ clock has been named by CNN as our lil red dot’s national cake!

This humble cake can go for as cheaply at $2.99 a cake that is made by a factory or hand made artisan style at $40 for the best!

I like this cake as it is soft and it can literally be flattened till a thin piece when squeezed.

As to why this was chosen apart from many of our other local delectable treats is debatable.

In the centre bowl, it holds ondeh ondeh, sweet potato base flour mixture wrapping gula melaka or rich brown palm sugar coated with dessicated fresh coconut.

At 11 o’clock is Kueh Dadah…a thin crepe like flan wrapping dessicated fresh coconut that is steeped in brown gula melaka.

At 12 o’clock it is baked tapioca cake cut in slices.

To me all these are my personal national favorites include 9 layer cake which we call Rainbow Lapis as I love peeling each layer of this steamed glutinuous flour cake and eating it. Unfortunately, this treat is not featured in my photo above.


I Wonder Who Her Majesty The Queen Is Meeting


How Hair Is Done

This also will not work…


So The Left Leg Hurts….

So the left leg hurts, bummer!

With each limp, I wish I had a hummer.

Like in CSI Miami, Horatio Caine drive a hummer๐Ÿ˜‰

Unlike me in sweltering perennial heat in summer!

As the pain builds up in leg, I feel dumber,

Ohh for a treatment I seek that makes me less of a bummer!

Laugh away I must….lemons on my way…

I decided to have my left leg sorted out after a minor incident. 

It is an anaesthesiologist that I seek….if it worsens then it is the orthopaedic surgeon I need ๐Ÿค”

He is one of my many kind and sincere surgeons or specialists who would bother to diagnose over text, regardless of time or day. I feel so blessed!
Super efficient as I text him at 9pm (I was wary that he is often stuck in operating theatres) and he replies at 11pm.

By 11.15pm, diagnosis and prescriptive care offered and appointment fixed to see him in his clinic.

At 8am, his nurse texts me to confirm the appointment.

Efficiency at its best!

Hmm maybe I could paint my inanimate furball Garfield like the fella below?

My doc might also say the same to me…but I know it will hurt like hell as the needle will be a really long one that pierces like aaarrgh!!

Or he might tell me not to use my leg ha ha!

Post Script

I survived the 4 injections…..and trust me it was awfully painful!

DL is not pleased I have to be off work. DL’s hint was when she broke her arm and leg nary a day off sick did she take. 

A heroine she implied to me as she viciously questioned me like an arm chair surgeon, graduating with a Google degree, minus FRACS or FRCP, much less MBBS! 

I really am beginning to see DL like EL.

Looks like I have to drag my foot to work as minions are slaves again ๐Ÿ™

Happy Saturday folks! At least my foot is numbed and will get better. 


How Presidents Look Like After Oval Office

Tough job being President