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Come See Tropical Plants With Me

on April 2, 2017

Singapore or lil red dot’s temperatures are not conducive to flowering plants.

Summer heat that is hot, humid and muggy will strangle roses, rob tulips of life or kil anything showy like sunflowers.

Still, orchids thrive in gardens but is rather difficult to manage as sudewalk plants.

Our greening policy then plays largely on colored leaves to give contrast in our garden scapes.

Though the hibiscus and bougainvilleas can be grown in abundance as a backdrop scape for overhead pedestrian crossings, the hibiscus is a challenge for sweepers to upkeep.

I share some photos of local plants grown here that adds color through usage of colored leaves.

Below is a common ground cover with leaves of yellow and green. The leaves are sharp and if one walks on it, accidentally scrapes can occur.

Below is another typical hedge or fence covering that also has hints of yellow amidst the darker green or lighter green leaves.

I am a duffer at botanical names and call the leafy plant below “tea leaves” – they are not tea leaves, definitely not edible. But don’t you agree it looks like tea leaves. I love the different shades of green that liven the area.

How this “tea leaf” plant is used as a hedge of sorts that lends shade and noise barrier.

Below is a ficus tree that has shoots of green, yellow and orange. As the leaves mature, parts of it turn green and or orange.

Below is a colored leafy plant. Planted in between greenery, it does add cheery life to the area.

Below is another tall pinkish red plant that grows from cuttings. If you snap off the top and plant it into the ground, the lobbed off plant regenerates whilst the replanted top grows.

This is a plant that grows and produces tiny floral bunches.

Another useful flowering plant is morning glory creeper below. By 12pm all the flowers will have wilted or dropped off unless shaded from the sun.

Useful as a fence covering, giving it that jungle overgrown feeling with purple flowers to show!

This is how my lil red dot green the sidewalks or anywhere that there is green lung.

I envy countries with seasons as they have flowers growing freely whilst if I ever want those, I would have to pay a price to get them as cut blooms in my vase☺


14 responses to “Come See Tropical Plants With Me

  1. Always interesting to see your native plants-do envy you your hibiscus and bouganvillea- they are house plants here!

  2. scifihammy says:

    Very interesting to learn of your flora, but such a pity that you don’t have many native flowering plants. Still, green sidewalks are lovely. 🙂

  3. Thanks for braving the jungle in the interests of science! Did you take a machete?

  4. tropicfan says:

    lovely thanks, I so love green in the garden, I find it restful and there are so many different greens and textured leaves as you have shown

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