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Spoils Of A Farmer’s Land

on April 4, 2017

I love walking through farm land. 

Technically, we do not have farm land for agriculture in land scarce lil red dot but rather these are farm plots rented from commercial owners.

These days, urbam farming is taking on like a fad. Aspiring farmers working in offices or retirees and home makers want to live the fad of farm to table concept.

As I do not have green thumbs, I just admire the spoils of the land.

Below is a pot of Laksa leaves that is pertinent to a curry laksa dish. This herb accentuates the flavor of the dish.

Just pluck these leaves, wash it and chop finely. Use as a garnish for curry laksa dish. Yummy!

Aubergine or Brinjal or eggplant were given as a gift to me by the volunteer farmers, youngest age 67 and oldest age 78!

The eggplant tasted sweet and young despite mum thinking that given its size in length it might be “old” and seed filled. Surprisingly it was moist, tender and seedless!

I have yet to try the okra or ladies finger. I think these might be “old” and not harvested when younger.

Till I try, I will never know ha ha!

As I walked through I spotted red spinach in a trough. These were really too old and fribrous.

I saw some chinese chye sim.

The farmers also tried growing mint leaves using hydroponics

Below is another herb, artemisia or mugworts that I  not familiar with. They shared it had “cooling” properties and is steeped in tea 

Though it was a small community plot of 50 sq m, it required hard work.

I saw the elderly farmers reliving their “kampong” (*village) as they dug and laid stones to form the beds for their planting of seedlings.

Farming keeps seniors going…using their skills, coordinating mind with limbs…keeping busy as they worry about losing their precious minds.


5 responses to “Spoils Of A Farmer’s Land

  1. Really interesting to see your plants-I don’t like aubergine…weird texture. Apparently mugwort is a really useful herb, gaining in popularity too šŸ™‚

  2. I once bought deep fried okra sold in a small snack pack. I grew up eating chopped up boiled okra, I think grilled/deep fried tastes quite nice especially if one is not familiar with the gooey/slimy texture.

  3. scifihammy says:

    It’s an excellent idea to grow your own food, however small the scale. As you say, it keeps you busy – and the food is delicious. šŸ™‚

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