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A New Term, No Laughs Please

on April 6, 2017

It seems I start a new appointment term of voluntary service on 24th May 2017 for next 3 years with the Dukes and Duchesses of Yore.

I don’t like pomp and pageantry as I am a grunge person. Or I wallow best in loose fitting garb!😉

I do my best dressed like a regular Jane Doe. It makes me comfortable and when I am comfortable, I am happy.

So, it is quite daunting when I am told that there is an upcoming swearing in ceremony of sorts before His Excellency of Pomp & Pageantry.

Ha! By “swearing” in, I must correct any thoughts of expletives LOL! I must behave myself and Garfield must not be seen anywhere as I must portray self as a mature, sensible and not a loony person!

Hmm….my laughs must be capped! There must be no joke like the Confucius one I posted above.

Polite conversations must be made and I must nod, smile and look intelligent😉

It is good to serve in a voluntary capacity and I am unsure what my new duties are. 

Tonight, I met with the Supreme Beings as they attempt to reconfigure 120 people into 12 groups.

We were told the areas of interest they had and what we should do, how to do it and what sort of an impact to get out of it.

I hope it gets interesting!


One response to “A New Term, No Laughs Please

  1. It sounds really exciting! I hope you enjoy it…😺 xxx

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