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A Virus Is Coming

on April 9, 2017

Contrary to my well planned vegetating on floor weekend, my Saturday was spent working and dealing with an abnormal business partner whose roots began in Iran, moved to Baltimore, Maryland, USA and now lives and works in Hong Kong.

I literally had hair pulling moments the minute she flew in from Hong Kong where she is currently based.

She is saccharin sweet which means artificially sweetened but deadly bitter.

She made me feel as if the pigeons were waiting …..

Hailing from a foreign land, she heads a philantrophic entity but is clueless about our marginalised youths, local culture or school system. It is all about understanding our local culture!!

As we are funded through her employment entity for a program, we are supposedly beholden to her. Who isn’t where money is concerned.

Our KPIs were not meeting hers as she was clueless about our educational system and created hers to her Lords based on less developed countries like Indonesia and Philippines.

She simply could not understand that special needs youths are less attentive in class and cannot sit still for too long. She complained like a bitter old woman that our program was not academically good enough.

Our intent was to impart life skills such as public speaking, confidence building and not academic achievement as the schools do the academia and we try not to duplicate.

Pure ulceration that left me sleeping less than 5 hours on Friday, crawling up at 7am Saturday to take her through the meetings before she left us at 3pm.

Of course then came DL seeking a debrief and notes from meeting which took me through 8pm on Saturday till 11pm amidst laundry and chores with ironing undone till Sunday. I had to tell her that I was too tired to be texting all night across her daylight time where she is!

Oh sweet floor….wait for my inanimate furball and I till next week!

So much for trying to plan lazy weekends!


7 responses to “A Virus Is Coming

  1. Hmm oh dear…she’s lucky you were there really. That’ s the thing with younger people – you have to make information bite size and interesting. 🐱 xx

  2. calmkate says:

    Ouch you poor thing … I’d take Monday off …

  3. scifihammy says:

    This sucks!
    Make the most of your little time off today and plenty of Garfield Hugs! πŸ™‚

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