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And So The Story Goes #60

on April 9, 2017

Mr EX turned up like a bedraggled beagle (*if I was asked to think which animal resembles him, it would be a beagle).

He drove me round and round till he settled for a restaurant at Orchard Hotel.

It has been ages since I went to this hotel and saw the changes.

Tony Roma famous for its ribs and pan brownie has moved.

Opposite this old non existent haunt of mine was a new Straits restaurant that served baba food or we say Peranakan food.

Peranakan culture is an ornate one.

Below is a photo of a typical attire for a perankan lady as worn by a mannequin.

Mr EX loves durian and he wanted a high tea set comprising everthing durian.

My lemon grass tea arrived.

The ornate dainty tea set in crystal setting.

As always, a new experience comes with Mr EX.

Then off he goes to his work appointment after he sits with me for 2 and a half hours to bemoan how blessed I was whilst he has to slog for his money. 

Sunday…..a lovely end to the night.


6 responses to “And So The Story Goes #60

  1. Patricia says:

    That is lovely!❤

  2. It all looks lovely-I must try Durian. We can get them here…are they nice? 🙂 xxx

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