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Post Interview

on April 11, 2017

I walked into the office of my new prospective employer and was worried for a couple of reasons.

One, can they pay what I would like to have?

Two, would my new supervisor be a fair person?

I was interviewed for more than an hour and was told that salary is a concern. 

They are on a tight budget but they seek a candidate with my background.

At least this supervisor looked sane and motherly. 

Still, it is early to judge right? But the turnover of staff is low and staff work for a long time. The person leaving, is leaving to join her husband’s business.

There would be a couple more rounds of  interviews and I feel it may not pan out well for me as salary or budget is a concern.

The strategy of companies now is hire cheaper for lesser but hold a few portfolios. This is the way to maximise utility of staff.

Well, we shall see. At least if I do not get it, I know it is not a result of my incompetence but rather my cost.

I did not feel it would be fair for me to go rock bottom as Garfield needs to be fed and clothed ha ha!

Only the divine forces can help me now. 

Instead of exams, I pray for a better job….just reasonably fair one.


4 responses to “Post Interview

  1. calmkate says:

    No you have to be sensible about paying the bills, praying with you!

  2. Fingers crossed….something will turn up where your employer appreciates you and pays you a decent wage🌹🌹xx

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