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My Only Accolade As A Writer Of Sorts – And So The Story Goes #61

on April 12, 2017

I am not a prolific writer. It is true! 

I am not on any book best seller’s list. 

Not New York nor on Lil Red Dot’s list! It is true!

I am not an academic writer. Last time I wrote, was my MBA dissertation ha ha!

I am, however, a regular contributor (*complainer actually) to our local newspaper’s forum page that allows me to “nag or air my views at policies” which I feel can benefit the populus.

Like Mr EX, both our letters to the Editor of our local papers get published.

For first time readers of my blog site, I bid you a warm welcome and to clarify, I am in a non existent relationship 😍

Mr EX and I write on opposite ends. 

He is verbose and uses bombasticity whilst I write as I speaketh.

We are both complicated creatures – Cats and dogs!

He prefers to write tonnes of letters. For me, I selectively write on social issues, challenging for the marginalized.

He curates his letters. I don’t.

If my matter and my views are aired in the online news and newsprint, it is done. 

I do not do this for any glorification as it serves me no purpose in personal life, other than making potential new policies to be considered at a higher level. 

It may or may not improve lives – most times it does and that is, thanks in itself.

Mr EX will never do what is stated below. But he wants me to wait for him….till I am old and crochety…

I will see no need to reply as this scenario will never happen given his current situation.

But if it does…hmm….my answer would be…

“Why? Have you left Bimbo and miss having a domineering woman in your life? There is a price to pay and trust me, it will cost you!”

He claims I “strangle any man” yet he feels he should take up a huge insurance policy and “strangle me for the money!” – we do have a weird complicated relationship indeed.

I am sure…silence will ensue after I bopped him on the head…ha ha…

Meanwhile, my small accolade at WordPress showed my statistics at 3,697 posts and 78,905 views! Wooo hooo!!!

I am quietly happy and I hope that those who read my rumblings, have laughed and cried with me.

Thank you all for making my writing life meaningful and funny.

It gives me hope ☺

As for Mr EX, he was silent….till 5.30pm Sunday. 

He is back in action to annoy me ha ha! I have had no time to needle him. 

My life And So The Story Goes….


11 responses to “My Only Accolade As A Writer Of Sorts – And So The Story Goes #61

  1. mistermuse says:

    I’m surprised that you self-identify as “a domineering woman,” given that your life has been made miserable by two very domineering people: EL and Dragon Lady. I very much doubt that Garfield agrees with how you describe yourself! 😦

  2. Mr. Ex knows what he lost in you…that’s why he still likes to have contact with you!
    Also it’s really good that you write letters (and WP too of course) words are powerful tools 🐱🐾xx

  3. calmkate says:

    I would consider that you had a lucky escape and while you let a married man linger you will never have a chance of a ‘real’ relationship … your choice. Keep posting, i enjoy 🙂

  4. scifihammy says:

    Where would we be without your humorous stories? I like how you can joke about even the worst days. As for Mr Ex – his antics are a source of great amusement! Long may they continue. 😀

  5. There a few things as delightful as humor….thanks for sharing your gifts 🙂

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