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Getting Freebies In Lil Red Dot

on April 14, 2017

For the first time, Esso gas stations in my lil red dot are giving out 2 coupons per $40 of Synergy petrol of pumped from 23 March 17 till 14 April 17.

2 coupons is exchanged for a single scoop of Udders ice cream.

If you accumulate….

4 coupons is exchanged for a bowl of soup from Soup Spoon.

6 coupons gives me a plate of pasta from Pastamania worth max $17 on a list of applicable pastas. 

I preferred pasta and decided to accumulate and exchange for free pasta. Heaps on the menu but I liked spaghetti meatballs best.

Finally….all the petrol I pay, I get a lil something back. Nice☺

But sometimes, my tank can fill only $32 as I have a bad habit of tanking up at quarter tank level. Maybe it is because I like having things full! LOL!

Short getting 2 coupons occured twice during the promo period.  I will sigh to the pump attendant who is a spritely senior and say,” haizzz, I missed out on getting 2 coupons!” 

I would laugh and joke with the elderly pump attendant and called him “bro” – He was chirpy and polite consoling me by saying “never mind’

Who would guess that this kind elderly gent, would yesterday hand me 24 coupons when I tanked up $8 shy of $40!

Again my tank registered only $32 at yesterday’s top up! 

He told me not to worry as he would give me all the coupons that customers gave him.😊

24 coupons redeemed would get me 4 servings of pasta of my choice and at $17 a portion for my choice plate, it was nice as I do not get freebies! I felt sooo lucky!

He is really kind! 

He was so happy to see me drive into the station, greeting me as if I was a long lost friend!

I was touched! He need not give me anything and this was his way of paying forward to me and it touched me.

Encouraged, I am smarter these days to look out for freebies in the form of coupon cut outs in the papers too 

Honestly, with my hectic worklife, I barely stopped to smell the roses, much less look for freebies in cut out forms.

Hmm actually lil red dot is too hot to have roses and so, more likely we smell the bougainvilleas or hibiscus but they have no scent!

So when Frito Lays started having a cut out for every 2 bags of nachos or chips, I there is an exchange for 3 Old Chang Kee Curry Puffs . I was delighted. Anything free is good ha ha!

As a silly fool, I happily parted with $7.75 for 2 bags of Frito Lay to get 3 Curry Puffs valued at $4.50.

$3.25 for 2 bags of Frito Lays is a steal as ordinarily, they go for $4.75 a bag here!

A steal but think of all the calories! Sigh! I can never win can I?!

If I do not even buy, both lethal snacks will not be ingested ha ha!

Love this kitty image below! 


6 responses to “Getting Freebies In Lil Red Dot

  1. Oh yes I love a bargain! There was a lady here on the news who did her whole Christmas shop including presents for about £20.00 simply by using vouchers and bargain hunting! 🐱🌌xxx

  2. scifihammy says:

    Always great to have something for nothing, but very nice of your petrol attendant to offer you the coupons. πŸ™‚

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