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How Good Friday Was Spent

on April 15, 2017

Nothing beats spending a public holiday which happened to be Good Friday with mum and dad.

This is especially true when I have time constraints tied to work. 

So much for work life balance….a meaningless adage to me😉.

Slept at 1.30am woke up at 7.30am as my legs were in rigor. Aargh!! As if like Rambo, I gritted my teeth to move those legs that refused to cooperate. 

Standing was a challenge but after true grit, I made it up but it seized again.

I feel like  irobot, looking hard for WD40 or some grease. Sheesh!!

Like a gallant knight I finally rose! Ha ha!

Then, I was off to fetch my parents to have tea.

We went to our usual haunt to have our usual teh o kosong (*sugarless black tea), teh (*tea with milk and sugar) and kopi si (*coffee with milk and sugar)

Yes, ordering local coffee or tea from our local food court is an art if you are a tourist or foreigner.

Just a if I am in a Don & Deluca or Starbucks outlets…the lattes, tall or short or skinny latte….jargon in different cultures! 😉 except in my lil red dot’s kopi tiam or coffee shop in dialect.

Dad’s accompaniment with his teh was 2 pcs of kaya toast.

Kaya is coconut jam made with fragrant pandan leaves, spread onto wafer thin brown colored toast that is crispy on bite.

Teh, teh si and teh o kosong with 2 pcs kaya toast cost $6.50.

Mum wanted to eat an old fashioned tutu kueh. It is actually a rice flour base that wraps over dessicated coconut or peanut fillings and steamed on fragrant pandan leaves.

10 pcs cost $6.00. Each bite is a morsel thin flan but it is a nice treat washed down with our hot drinks. This is a waning streer food item as many do not make it as a food sale item in view of high labor cost.

After that was our exercise as I made my parents walk close to 8,600 steps within a shopping mall.

 Thankfully my legs held and by 7pm, we were all tired.

Dinner was a simple 2 pc Texas Fried Chicken, a biscuit and serving of whipped potato for dad and mum split a chicken wrap with me. $18.80. I liked my light dinner though I tutted away at dad’s food choice. 

I would have loved to take them both to Krispy Cremes and try the lethal doughnuts! I heard they were yummy but high in calories. Sadly no stomach space left as we were largely tired.

By now it was pouring buckets. 

The skies mourned the death of Jesus as he was crucified at the witching hour of 3pm. 

As long as I could remember, it always rained at 3pm on Good Friday! My own Ripley’s believe or not I guess😲

As I kick up heels tonight with my inanimate furball Garfield in tow, chomping on a green sour kiwi fruit and a red plum,  I was happy.

Family time is precious but I am reminded of mortality. 

Each day I live, I am one day nearer to my end. I am sanguine with it for self as I leave no loved one behind – no husband, no kids just inanimate furballs and my favorite one will “go” with me.

But what saddens me is that the same holds true for my parents and I dread the day they are no longer around for me to sip and have tea to talk of this or that.

Life is about the now! 

Live, laugh and eat….not all chickens make it through the KFC witness protection program😉


8 responses to “How Good Friday Was Spent

  1. LOL-pictures! Cod liver oil is supposed to help flexibility, I suffer from stiff joints and back in the morning too, so it takes me a while to get going..It sounds like you had a lovely day with your parents too 🙂 xx

  2. The malls open very early over there! Loved reading about your day with parents ❤❤

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