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Pandan Cake Named Lil Red Dot’s National Cake

on April 23, 2017

The soft green sponge chiffon pandan cake (pictured above as 4 pcs of wedge cake slices) at 6 o’ clock has been named by CNN as our lil red dot’s national cake!

This humble cake can go for as cheaply at $2.99 a cake that is made by a factory or hand made artisan style at $40 for the best!

I like this cake as it is soft and it can literally be flattened till a thin piece when squeezed.

As to why this was chosen apart from many of our other local delectable treats is debatable.

In the centre bowl, it holds ondeh ondeh, sweet potato base flour mixture wrapping gula melaka or rich brown palm sugar coated with dessicated fresh coconut.

At 11 o’clock is Kueh Dadah…a thin crepe like flan wrapping dessicated fresh coconut that is steeped in brown gula melaka.

At 12 o’clock it is baked tapioca cake cut in slices.

To me all these are my personal national favorites include 9 layer cake which we call Rainbow Lapis as I love peeling each layer of this steamed glutinuous flour cake and eating it. Unfortunately, this treat is not featured in my photo above.


5 responses to “Pandan Cake Named Lil Red Dot’s National Cake

  1. Ooh yes! I do like cake! 🍰🍰🍰

  2. scifihammy says:

    They All look yummy! 🙂
    Who knows why one cake is chosen over another? But I do like the look of the green cake. When you said you can squish it flat, I thought, “Yes – it totally looks light enough to do that.” 🙂

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