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Job Titles

on April 26, 2017

I kid you not. I have a fanciful but glorious title.

I used to be a small fry in an ocean but my title was apt and fitting. 

My job was great, boss was even greater and ohhhh…the pay was magnificient coupled with generous benefits. Sadly my boss was ousted by a tyrant.

My lemons from jobs then began.

Today I am in a somewhat dubious title of “Minister Without Portfolio” type status. 

Trust me! This has nothing to do with governmental hoo hah and I assure you our good Ministers Without Portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Office are really doing a great job! I am not in any of those scenarios.

I allude self to this pun of a title as basically I am like the “Jiminy Man” – just take care of everything.

Fish in the tank has no food….call me.

Toilet not working, call me.

Toilet cleanliness, fire safety right down to chairing meetings or pleading for alms to fuel DL’s lifestyle, pray call me.

Self worth? Minion Status.

In DL’s eyes, a useful unto thee slave.

Just give me my shackles and chain me to the iron ball.

I wonder what is next when DL returns. All I know is that the minions like me are down hearted! Sigh!


5 responses to “Job Titles

  1. scifihammy says:

    Oh dear. I can sense the doom and gloom settling on all your shoulders as DL returns.
    It sucks everywhere since the world economy crashed in 2008. 😦
    Still – looking on the bright side, nearly Friday!! 😀

  2. Me too..fingers and paws crossed! 🙂 xx

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