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Quotable Quote

on April 27, 2017

“Trees grow upwards and outwards” – uttered by a character called Chairman Lao who rides a mobility scooter to zip across the neighborhood.

When I heard this quote in a local drama sitcom, “Meet The MP”, I thought to myself and laughed.

The issue on hand were 2 squabbling neighbors living in government housing.

One is an elderly lady who encroached on public corridors and lift landing of her unit by creating a jungle like feel.

Her neighbor is an equally elderly gent who tried to outbeat her by hoarding items next to her. His favorite items hoarded were Hello Kitty dolls! *ha ha luckily it was not Garfields.

The area MP was tasked to resolve the conflict. He used this quotation and it worked.

Elderly gent agreed to resolve his hoarding if MP gets Elderly woman to remove the forest.

Hence the quotation taught the MP that the plants needed more space and the solution was to empower the Elderly Lady with greening a community garden and making her the Chairperson.

Happy ending and who was to expect that the two at loggerheads could become friends.

Thursday…..2 more days to weekend as I have to work Saturday and have snarled at Ms Bare Midriff today.

She got my goat! Mathematically challenged Ms Bare Midriff did not understand how payroll is done despite calling self an accountant.

She thinks payroll calculates itelf and that we did not need a software.

Moron! 😈

Meanwhile, I might as well calculate my calories to cheer self up!


2 responses to “Quotable Quote

  1. Lol..calories! I blame the washing machine..shrinking things!

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