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Labor Day In Lil Red Dot

on May 1, 2017

Our lil red dot will face higher unemployment as we re-invigorate is the prime message that rings to my ears from my supreme leader.

This is true as industries re-invent selves to face new challenges.

Shipping, oil and gas have all taken a beating.

What seems to be thriving is quite clear – food! Cooked food….small wonder for our lil foodie nation.

We also have a bad habit that is fast becoming an ugly trait of Singaporeans. Sadly our attitudes of “chope” (*colloqual language to mean “reserved”) by placing umbrellas, tissue packets or company security cards on lanyards at empty tables at hawker centers or food courts as people go buy food.

This means that people who do not use this habit are left wandering with food trays without places to sit.

Things came to a head when an elderly gent tried to sit and have his meal, he was berated and shoved by a young couple. This went viral as irate netizens post it on internet.

I felt for the elderly gent. What if he was my parent? Or me, as I cannot manage standing too long carrying a steaming hot bowl of noodles.

This is one reason why I do not eat at hawker centers. Besides the crowds and me being a germ magnet😣, I usually send a colleague to take away food or I zip in get my food and zip off.

Yes, May Day….for us underlings it is pimarily to find good stable employment.

Ok…ok well it is almost near impossible to find a good boss these days. They may be as extinct as the wooly mammoth!

Labor Day started slow for me as I waddled out of my pigeon hole to get a haircut.

Breakfast was a non affair over coffee, tea and biscuits whilst I read the doom and gloom.

The Orange Buffoon’s report card for 100 days in office was released. It seems it is too soon to judge but it was nice he called our PM Lee last night to re-affirm ties. Our lil red dot needs all the connectivity of the world to prosper. There is hope yet!

More doom and gloom as a fire fighter, taxi driver, passenger and a passer by suffered first degree burns when a burning taxi exploded. Thank goodness no one died. Sad! I hope they all recover fast.

Meanwhile HK is celebrating 20 years of return to China. Younger Hong Kongers are really unhappy with their Legco as there is no autonomy and HK has lost its glory since leaving British rule. Yes, internal unhappiness is clear as young protesters have been taking to the streets to show their unhappiness.

So as I sit and wait for my turn to have my mop of hair trimmed, I write my post….time is money and I need to be productive and efficient, seizing every minute of my glorious May Day where I am free of work.

Onward ho after this to mum and dad to spend precious time😊

Happy Labor Day folks!😊


11 responses to “Labor Day In Lil Red Dot

  1. scifihammy says:

    Fun to read about your day GH. 🙂 Enjoy your time off – and with your parents. 🙂

  2. Hope the haircut turned out well…I must go and get mine cut too…

  3. Work isn’t all bad. It’s rather like banging your head against a brick wall … nice when it stops!

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