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The Gods Must Be Beckoning Me To Board The Heavenly Bus

on May 6, 2017

I do not usually open the passenger side of my car to put my handbag and work stuff.

But for some strange reason, I felt like doing so on Friday.

It has been a week since my car froze on the road with engine still running.

Since last week my car is in the workshop as they await parts to be flown in from Germany and sort out the senseless electrical glitch.

The car company was really kind to provide me with a similiar car to drive till then. 

As I opened the car door, I noticed the front tyre had a crack.

I immediately took this photo and sent it to my car company who responded in seconds.

I was to drive slowly to their workshop and they would change it. The chap who attends to me is really customer service oriented and I do applaud him.

I did not mount any kerbs nor did I drive through any sharp corners. 

It is now replaced with 2 brand new tyres. It must have been delivered to me with the crack.

If I did not make that different move to go to the passenger door to put things in my car, I could have had a tyre blow out on the freeway home.

2 near misses in a week on a Friday….I wonder if Gods are looking out for me or beckoning me to get on their bus!

Thankfully the work appointment I set up for had very nice people and they relocated to where I was at car workshop to have the meeting whilst my car tyres were changed.

In at 4pm, meeting at 4.30pm, car ready at 5.30pm and meeting ended at 6.15pm.

Productive Friday indeed…and alive😊

For pete’s sake…my 9 lives are quickly used….I may have just 1 or 2 left!

Gaaarrrrfielddddd…..pleeeease ask feline God to reboot me back to 9 lives for a lil bit more 😉ha ha


4 responses to “The Gods Must Be Beckoning Me To Board The Heavenly Bus

  1. Definitely someone is watching out for you! So I’m going to say you still have all 9 lives left! 😸

  2. Good grief! Well done for spotting it! Thank you Universe for looking after you 💖💞💖

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