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on May 7, 2017

I am not one to be first in line for any motivational talk.

Neither am I one to be in a room filled with people rah rahing away or hollering on chairs that they are hyped up.

But what I have learnt in my last 3 consecutive jobs is that I have had enough shit to walk away.

Work stress is bearable if I had a supportive gang of humans to give me a listening ear. Since I don’t, I turn to WordPress ha ha!

Trouble is, all I have is a nice warm and squooshy inanimate furball Garfield to hug 😊

I get sad most times but turn to laughs to deal with it or good ol fashion sarcasm ha ha!

What I find terribly hard is that DL and Ms Bare Midriff are dolts. 

They may call selves ” high end mighty members” on the company’s list but they do not give direction nor tell us what they want.

At almost the 11th hour of each project, there will be twists and turns. Or we call flip flopping of decisions. This frustrates the living daylights of minions trying to meet their timelines.

Today Ms Minion got “palmfaced” – in plain talk slapped as she was given a set of instructions to do, of which she did and when it smelt bad on DL, she accused her of doing it on her own accord.

Seriously, how could DL do a 360 degree on her?

It is just mean😣and not nice!


4 responses to “Reflections

  1. It’s the way of the world unfortunately…

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